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Kenyan Mission Trip – 2012



  In November 2012 I travelled with a group from my church, Christ United Methodist Church, back to Sakwa, Kenya with a medical/dental team that consisted of six physicians, two dentists, two physician assistants, two nurses and 20 other missioners.  Despite the worst weather (daily rain and mud that is hard to imagine if not directly experienced) that our medical missions teams have encountered to date, we saw over 1200 patients over three days.  I was honored to have the support and prayers of many of my patients here in Springfield.

My Kenyan Mission Trip - 2009
As many of you know, I recently went on a medical mission trip with Christ United Methodist Church, my church for the past 13 years (www.christchurchva.org).  Our team consisted of 24 members:  Pastor John Speight (our leader), four physicians, two dentists (including one who joined us from San Antionio), one nurse practitioner, one nurse practioner/nurse anesthetist, one physican's assistant,  one registered nurse, one physical therapist, and twelve nonmedical people.  With the help of local Kenyans, our team saw over 2800 people over the three day camp.  If you would like a glimpse of what we saw and what we did, please visit our mission team web site at www.hopeafricaministries.org.
Kenyan Mission Trip - 2010
On November 5, 2010, I was part of a 26 person team that travelled to Sakwa, Kenya for a medical/dental mission trip.  This year we travelled with five physicians, three dentists, a nurse practivioner, a physician's assistant and 16 nonmedical people.  We had the opportunity to serve in many ways: we held a medical/dental clinic for two-and-a-half days, we continued our support for the Kenyan school that Christ United Methodist Church sponsors, and we were able to support a school in one of Nairobi's slums.  You can visit our mission team web site at www.hopeafricaministries.org is you would like to learn more about our trip.